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tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Show me

I'm always a bit too much or not enough at all. I'm feeling way too deep way too fast or feeling nothing at all. I've always had problems to find the middle in everything. To be stable, cool and definitely lovable. The people who treath me like shit are the people I try my hardest to win to like me. The people who are nice and who would never hurt me I take for granted.

I fall for mean girls. Girls who don't give a shit. The real loves of my life have been cold and distant. Keeping me on my toes. Leaving without blinking an eye and never even looking back. Leaving me to think I probably deserved it all. 

I'm not a bad person but I've done bad things. I have broke hearts because I needed to see something else falling apart for a change. I needed to be the one to walk away without ever looking back. I needed to remain untouched. 

I'm scared I will never be just happy. When I'm in love I'm scared and when I'm loved I'm bored. 

I wish someone could show me the middle. 

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  1. Osasin jotenkin niin samaistua täysillä. Oot ihan mieletön

  2. Onko kaunokaisella instaa? :)

    1. On joo mutta en halua sitä tässä jakaa!