Sivun näyttöjä yhteensä

keskiviikko 13. tammikuuta 2016

because it feels good to say it

i don't know if you ever realized
but i loved your cold fingertips on my skin
i loved the face you made when you lost your nerves with me
i loved when you got excited or angry enough you changed the language you spoke
i loved the way you held my hand on our nightly walks back home
i loved how you always fell asleep before me and if i moved even a bit you held me a little tighter
and how during the nights you let me go but when the sun came up you held me close again

i loved your honesty and the look in your eyes when you told me things you knew were going to hurt
i loved your rhythm and the way you clapped your hands to your favorite song even if you were driving
i loved your passion and your voice when you whispered in my ear to fuck you a little harder
i loved your stupid jokes and the way you made your face look to make me laugh

but i loved you even when there was nothing to love
i loved you the times you teared me apart
i kept on

loving 'till i was no more