Sivun näyttöjä yhteensä

torstai 17. heinäkuuta 2014


well I'd love to say I didn't see it coming
that all that happend to us got me by surprise

but love 
I did see it coming

I saw the way you'd hold my hand inside the pocket of your jacket
how I'd hear you call me baby through my sleep
how the sun would look like a frosted replica of your eyes
(my god, those eyes) 

I saw it coming 
how I'd fall asleep every night
praying you would still want me in the morning
and how I would end up misunderstanding your words
end up mistaken those kisses 
for something 
much bigger 

and now
when you are not around anymore
my thoughts are heavier than they used to be
this bed feels colder than when we shared it
and these streets mean nothing to me

and I feel weak 
so weak 
for missing you

because I did see this coming 

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