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tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Kind of ridiculous

You said his name was Gary
You said he was your drama teacher and when you talked about him your cheeks turned red like the roses at your neighbor's backyard
I didn't even know you liked drama and I freaking hated you and every bisexual gene of yours 
And I had never seen Gary but I was pretty sure he had a beard and that he would scratch his balls in front of you and be a total douchebag without self esteem 
You said he was great at oral sex and I thought about the option of killing myself with your shoelace 
I freaking hated you 
You stopped talking and glanced at me 
"Hope you are alright with all this and I am sorry"
I focused on my breathing which was pretty much the only thing I ever learned from yoga 
How the fuck could I ever be okay with this
You left me for a drama teacher with penis
Million images of us ran through my mind
You raped us

I woke up trying to catch my breath. It was a dream, Gary and your rosy cheeks were all just a dream. I was so angry I couldn't breathe, I grabbed my phone and wrote this down without hesitating once. I almost told you about it but you are always searching for signs and symbolism from dreams and I wanted to take no risks with you realizing you would be into drama and that you'd suddenly find your real and living Gary so I kept quiet. At the same point I also realized how childish I actually am trying to keep you all to myself and started to whisper the word 'stupid' repeatedly until my lips felt too heavy and I fell asleep. I saw no dreams after that.