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maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2014

Burn with me

We lie on the beach 
Just the two of us
She holds my hand gently and I drown myself into the sound of the waves 
She says we are bittersweet and I know exactly what she means
She is the sun guiding me through the darkest nights 
For her I am the dark nights

What I seek can be found in her 
She is melting my ice-cold core
But my nights keep stealing her light
And I know I should let her go 
So she could shine like she was meant to

I listen to the waves
I know I will miss her when it's all said and done
But right now I'm still holding her hand
And she is so beautiful

She keeps looking straight at me

Love, I am nothing but heat 

Burn with me 

torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

So maybe I could get some sleep tonight

The biggest challenge is to behave
Through-out the day I use a massive amount of willpower to control my need to write down everything and send it to you on the chat I've learnt to hate 
And by everything I really mean everything
And by that I mean it won't be pretty 

Even though the ugly truth has never been a problem to you 
I feel like I have been running enough 
I have made this mistake before and I'm planning not to repeat it 
She took everything what was left of my self-respect and when I really start to think about it 
That might have been the reason for fucking this up 
For fucking everything up

Well I've got to hand it to myself
I have made some progress 
'Cause this time I know that you are not for me 
You are not bringing out the best of me
And you certainly are not making me feel special 
I know that and I have come in terms with that 

But you see
The real problem is that I 

Need you to love me 

Even though we are not meant for that