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tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Can't promise tomorrow but I can give you Forever

It feels the same as your hand taking a hold of mine at Ha'penny's bridge at night. It feels like your words dropping between us when I'm swallowing my tears and you are doing your best to ignore that. It feels like 'I love you' said just to make the moment last, not necessarily with real meaning. It feels like four orgasms and the warm breeze of your breath on my neck. It feels like being surrounded by hundreds of people and seeing only your face. It feels like shaky hands when waiting for you to text back. It feels like dying. It feels like being born again.

It feels like forever. Forever full of your eyes, my eyes, bittersweet confessions, ice cream trucks. Forever full of airports, departure gates, last coffees.

Forever full of you, I am breathing in. Forever here and now.

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