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maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2014

Burn with me

We lie on the beach 
Just the two of us
She holds my hand gently and I drown myself into the sound of the waves 
She says we are bittersweet and I know exactly what she means
She is the sun guiding me through the darkest nights 
For her I am the dark nights

What I seek can be found in her 
She is melting my ice-cold core
But my nights keep stealing her light
And I know I should let her go 
So she could shine like she was meant to

I listen to the waves
I know I will miss her when it's all said and done
But right now I'm still holding her hand
And she is so beautiful

She keeps looking straight at me

Love, I am nothing but heat 

Burn with me 

torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

So maybe I could get some sleep tonight

The biggest challenge is to behave
Through-out the day I use a massive amount of willpower to control my need to write down everything and send it to you on the chat I've learnt to hate 
And by everything I really mean everything
And by that I mean it won't be pretty 

Even though the ugly truth has never been a problem to you 
I feel like I have been running enough 
I have made this mistake before and I'm planning not to repeat it 
She took everything what was left of my self-respect and when I really start to think about it 
That might have been the reason for fucking this up 
For fucking everything up

Well I've got to hand it to myself
I have made some progress 
'Cause this time I know that you are not for me 
You are not bringing out the best of me
And you certainly are not making me feel special 
I know that and I have come in terms with that 

But you see
The real problem is that I 

Need you to love me 

Even though we are not meant for that


tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Kind of ridiculous

You said his name was Gary
You said he was your drama teacher and when you talked about him your cheeks turned red like the roses at your neighbor's backyard
I didn't even know you liked drama and I freaking hated you and every bisexual gene of yours 
And I had never seen Gary but I was pretty sure he had a beard and that he would scratch his balls in front of you and be a total douchebag without self esteem 
You said he was great at oral sex and I thought about the option of killing myself with your shoelace 
I freaking hated you 
You stopped talking and glanced at me 
"Hope you are alright with all this and I am sorry"
I focused on my breathing which was pretty much the only thing I ever learned from yoga 
How the fuck could I ever be okay with this
You left me for a drama teacher with penis
Million images of us ran through my mind
You raped us

I woke up trying to catch my breath. It was a dream, Gary and your rosy cheeks were all just a dream. I was so angry I couldn't breathe, I grabbed my phone and wrote this down without hesitating once. I almost told you about it but you are always searching for signs and symbolism from dreams and I wanted to take no risks with you realizing you would be into drama and that you'd suddenly find your real and living Gary so I kept quiet. At the same point I also realized how childish I actually am trying to keep you all to myself and started to whisper the word 'stupid' repeatedly until my lips felt too heavy and I fell asleep. I saw no dreams after that.

tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Show me

I'm always a bit too much or not enough at all. I'm feeling way too deep way too fast or feeling nothing at all. I've always had problems to find the middle in everything. To be stable, cool and definitely lovable. The people who treath me like shit are the people I try my hardest to win to like me. The people who are nice and who would never hurt me I take for granted.

I fall for mean girls. Girls who don't give a shit. The real loves of my life have been cold and distant. Keeping me on my toes. Leaving without blinking an eye and never even looking back. Leaving me to think I probably deserved it all. 

I'm not a bad person but I've done bad things. I have broke hearts because I needed to see something else falling apart for a change. I needed to be the one to walk away without ever looking back. I needed to remain untouched. 

I'm scared I will never be just happy. When I'm in love I'm scared and when I'm loved I'm bored. 

I wish someone could show me the middle. 

tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Crashing bones

You walked out of the sea
Atlantis dripping down your skin as I watched
And I couldn't think of anything else
than your bones crashing mine

I kissed you with open eyes
You hold your hands on my bruised knees
As the sky turned black 
I wanted to drown in you

And I wanted to tell you 
Everything about the nights I lay awake 
with you on my mind 
All the words I've been swallowing down my throath in front of your eyes

I wanted to let you know 
About the shivers 
You send down my spine 

But I chose not to 

Because these words are mine 
And despite everything else fading away

I'd still have my words 

Pure, honest, mine

Can't promise tomorrow but I can give you Forever

It feels the same as your hand taking a hold of mine at Ha'penny's bridge at night. It feels like your words dropping between us when I'm swallowing my tears and you are doing your best to ignore that. It feels like 'I love you' said just to make the moment last, not necessarily with real meaning. It feels like four orgasms and the warm breeze of your breath on my neck. It feels like being surrounded by hundreds of people and seeing only your face. It feels like shaky hands when waiting for you to text back. It feels like dying. It feels like being born again.

It feels like forever. Forever full of your eyes, my eyes, bittersweet confessions, ice cream trucks. Forever full of airports, departure gates, last coffees.

Forever full of you, I am breathing in. Forever here and now.

sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2014


The last night we fell asleep
My arms around your chest
Your lips pressed against mine 
I breathed in when you exhaled 
Dublin stopped being for a while
I stopped being 

I miss you so much it hurts 
And I wish you wouldn't been so god damn beautiful 
And sometimes I do regret the things I did
I do not believe in honesty anymore
I do not think I'm beautiful or worth knowning anymore
I gave you a lot more than I should have given 

And you were not worth it 

But I hope you are doing well
I hope she is as beautiful as you remembered 
I hope this time she will choose you 
I hope you are happy 

And even though it wasn't me you were thinking about when you closed your eyes at night

I hope you will remember me 

torstai 17. heinäkuuta 2014


well I'd love to say I didn't see it coming
that all that happend to us got me by surprise

but love 
I did see it coming

I saw the way you'd hold my hand inside the pocket of your jacket
how I'd hear you call me baby through my sleep
how the sun would look like a frosted replica of your eyes
(my god, those eyes) 

I saw it coming 
how I'd fall asleep every night
praying you would still want me in the morning
and how I would end up misunderstanding your words
end up mistaken those kisses 
for something 
much bigger 

and now
when you are not around anymore
my thoughts are heavier than they used to be
this bed feels colder than when we shared it
and these streets mean nothing to me

and I feel weak 
so weak 
for missing you

because I did see this coming 

sunnuntai 11. toukokuuta 2014

But you know it's there

it's like
standing at the edge 
surrounded by silence

darkness is rising from the abyss
right under your feet
and you wobble
half feet over the edge
and you feel the end
hell, you can see it
and you hold on to your dear life 
trying to stay on the safe side

and the worst part is
you are standing on that edge 
staring at the darkness right in front of you
and oh how you try
you use all your power to keep your eyes closed
but you know it's there

that is 
what it's like 

to be afraid

keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014

My decay

smiled through
smoke surrounding you

I can be anything
you want me to


(I keep writing

everywhere I go

the words keep flowing and dropping

they keep filling me, love

and I will let them drown me

until there's no air left
to breathe)

sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

This is not a poem. It's her.

I still remember the first time I saw her
it was like someone would have dropped acid on my soul
I literally just sat there with my mouth half open
looking at her across the room

I watched her move
she was that kind of mixture
of mean looks and unbearable cuteness
that made hearts stop for a nanosecond

Which by the way felt like forever for me

And I was thinking I'd never get to talk to her
for she being so cool when I just simply wasn't
And my food was getting cold already when she stood up
she lifted her stuff and gave one glance
not for me but for someone who really even wasn't there
She was cool and she knew it

I held my breath as she walked away
Knowing as sure as hell

It was love

sunnuntai 2. helmikuuta 2014

But we are not in love

so I went out last night
found myself wandering through the waves of queers
there was a drag show going on
I stared and stared at those glitter gods
realized I wasn't living my life
to it's fullest
glitter hurt my eyes

so I was fucked up by
this girl I loved
got a call to meet her and the lads
down at the Sweeney's
I went, of course
we were dancing to reggae
dancing like hell
a guy read from my shoulder
Meet me in Montauk
she avoided my gaze
I was about to leave
figured it would be better
to end that pathetic night with dignity
while I still could

well I was about to
when she took me by the hand
dragged me to the loo
she locked the door
lit a joint
sat on my lap
fumes of marijuana drew a halo around her
I stared at her and felt my whole body melting
that glorious beauty blinded my vision
told her I wanted it all
she bit my lip
my body is yours
outside the queue was getting longer

I took her home
fucked her with closed eyes

she was mine
or at least
her body was

perjantai 31. tammikuuta 2014

Feel me now

you're only
my heart