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sunnuntai 2. helmikuuta 2014

But we are not in love

so I went out last night
found myself wandering through the waves of queers
there was a drag show going on
I stared and stared at those glitter gods
realized I wasn't living my life
to it's fullest
glitter hurt my eyes

so I was fucked up by
this girl I loved
got a call to meet her and the lads
down at the Sweeney's
I went, of course
we were dancing to reggae
dancing like hell
a guy read from my shoulder
Meet me in Montauk
she avoided my gaze
I was about to leave
figured it would be better
to end that pathetic night with dignity
while I still could

well I was about to
when she took me by the hand
dragged me to the loo
she locked the door
lit a joint
sat on my lap
fumes of marijuana drew a halo around her
I stared at her and felt my whole body melting
that glorious beauty blinded my vision
told her I wanted it all
she bit my lip
my body is yours
outside the queue was getting longer

I took her home
fucked her with closed eyes

she was mine
or at least
her body was

2 kommenttia:

  1. mulla on kauhee tyttöihastus sua kohtaan ja aina kun luen sun tekstejä niin jokin liikahtaa mun sisällä

    1. paljasta itsesi sinä tyttöihastuja
      ps. kiitos, kauniisti sanottu!