Sivun näyttöjä yhteensä

maanantai 12. lokakuuta 2015


it's getting colder
the air i exhale comes out in fumes
and i wonder if you've ever felt this cold in your life
i'm pretty sure you could never live here
this grayness would suck the life out of you
i'm telling you love
these skies would only bring you down

i light up a cigarette
i promised you i'd stop and one day i will
it's not today
i've felt like this forever but the words do not let me
catch them
it has everything to do with you and at the same time
you mean nothing here
Helsinki has its own mind
and it's forgetting where it used to be
and laugh
and love

and somehow i feel so at peace in this madness
i can close my eyes in the middle of sea of fallen alcoholics
i can breathe in and out and still exist
and that's a lot more than what i used to feel
when i was in love
with you

but somedays i still wonder
if i'll ever see you again
if i'll ever feel like home the way i did
with you
or if i'll stay lost
under my gray skies
in the city of
forgetful minds