Sivun näyttöjä yhteensä

tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Crashing bones

You walked out of the sea
Atlantis dripping down your skin as I watched
And I couldn't think of anything else
than your bones crashing mine

I kissed you with open eyes
You hold your hands on my bruised knees
As the sky turned black 
I wanted to drown in you

And I wanted to tell you 
Everything about the nights I lay awake 
with you on my mind 
All the words I've been swallowing down my throath in front of your eyes

I wanted to let you know 
About the shivers 
You send down my spine 

But I chose not to 

Because these words are mine 
And despite everything else fading away

I'd still have my words 

Pure, honest, mine

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